Thank you so much Speedi Clean! With 4 kids running around all day its really hard to keep my house clean. Your Speedi Multiclean is a real time saver. It cleans everything in my house, from the floors to crayon covered walls and even my stainless steel appliances! Your dumpster fresh keeps all those dirty diapers at bay as well. I cant thank you enough for all your wonderful products. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
Maria Tocoma
Working in plumbing, my trucks are out on the road a lot. Between the weather and a lot of old plumbing components from jobs being tossed in the truck beds, its hard to keep them clean. Speedi's Truck wash makes my job a lot easier because of how well it clears the dirt and smell right off the trucks. Would I recommend your products to anyone else? Absolutely, nothing I have tried has ever worked better.
Dan Pride
Man was I sick and tired of my garbage trucks coming back from pickup and looking and smelling like hell. I gave Speedi a call and they sent me a bottle of their truck wash and dumpster fresh to try out. The same day I received the bottle in the mail I ordered several 55 gallon drums of both because it takes a lot to clean out garbage trucks.. This stuff is amazing. Blows anything else I have tried clear out of the water.
Frank Barona
Waste Management