Speedi MultiClean now introduces nationally acclaimed Speedi Boat Wash & Wax to the global market. This top of the line cleaner is effective on dirt, grime grease and exhaust fallout without stripping the wax. Speedi Boat Wash & Wax is quickly becoming a leader in the normally high priced market of boat wash & wax products. Our one gallon size makes the necessary amount of annual maintenance now affordable to all. Making your boat last longer….
Speedi MultiClean comes in a variety of sizes. You have the options of the spray bottle in either a 6 or 12 pack case, a 4 pack case of the 1 gallon just, the 5 gallon bucket, 30 gallon drum or the 55 gallon drum. We also offer a 250 Gallon Vat. Please Contact Us for more information.

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